8. The Beauty of Organic Architecture

Organic Architecture Philosophy, by our own vision.

Pablo Luna Studio.

Organic architecture is defined to be understanding space, nature, and human beings as a whole, projecting the environment and representing the user without deforming the habitat, adapted to the native climatic conditions for its bioclimatic adaptation. Organic architecture approaches architectural art from a more sentimental and conscious plane with the environment.

Organic architecture is our base. For us, the most important thing is to achieve a balance between human presence and nature via the harmonious integration of built structures in their environment, using the minimum consumption of resources. Believe that architecture can improve its entity and avoid chaos in the construction world.

From our point of view, architecture is connected with the construction of the human being, knowing yourself and knowing others. We work from emotions, consciousness, and knowledge. Existence and essence in time and space. A dynamic process that balances conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge with individual and existential experience.

The Balinese philosophy “Tri Hita Karana” guides our steps because it invites us to grow and improve. From the experiential, relational and spiritual, connecting mind-body in equal importance and harmony, taking care of the foundations, visible structure, and creation process.

We are excited to offer spaces, with our organic architecture, where you feel part of our philosophy and invite you to build your self-concept from the experiences and the calm that generates the internal movement, the reflection of what we are, and the spaces we inhabit.

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organic architecture with bamboo. Tree house in bali
organic architecture with bamboo in bali



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