Bamboo Spiral Staircase

bamboo staircase

The driving inspiration of the staircase design was to allow the user time and space to admire the surrounding landscape. As the stairs wind up, they are interrupted by viewing decks. Mandatory pauses stop the user from rushing to the top and prompt them to cherish the journey.  

Tri Hita Karana Villa

Tri Hita Karana is found in the feminine, curvilinear structure that eliminates hierarchy and celebrates unity within this work. Organic forms in the roof opening and expanding create the appearance of flexibility and retain movement in the still structure. In the Tri Hita Karana Villa design, an experience is offered where one can align their […]

Honguito House

Honguito House has explored the champignon’s structure as a microcosm. Once enlarged into a space inhabitable by humans, the structure still conforms to its natural golden ratio regulations. The final design uses this exploration to promote harmony between people and nature.  This house opens the user’s gaze inviting abundance and prosperity. Spaces where nature, whether […]

Moon Wooden House

The house would be primarily constructed using reclaimed wood, bamboo, and glass. All sides of the structure were built with a conscious relation, enabling multi-directional airflow through space. Together, creating an environment with a sense of wonder and tranquility.

Wood Villa

The intention was to merge the house with its surroundings by playing with the light, views, and natural materials. Minimal and functional. Connecting us with the natural and warm color of the wood, creating a balance with nature and inspiring us to live in the beauty and contemplation of everything surrounding us.

Wave Restaurante

This structure is an extension of an existing restaurant next to the beach, surrounded by palms and a fantastic ocean view. This new Wave Restaurant starts with the premise of maintaining the environment as natural as possible, so it uses one of the existing palms as the center of the building, creating a symbiosis between […]

Lotus Yoga Shala

The welcomed continuation of Bali’s beautiful landscape to the inside of the building is one of our key credos in architectural design. The topography and architecture of the structure have a symbiotic relationship, neither obstructing the beauty, particularly to the individual. Inspired by the lotus flower’s harmonious presence and the balance administered through the practice […]

Moon Yoga Shala

With the intention to build a space that results in the experience of zen, the form of the Yoga Shala is one encompassing curve. The design of a curve invites oneself to look at everything that surrounds us and, therefore, at ourselves. In this space, one is prompted to develop the art of contemplation of […]