The Subak Irrigation System: A Sustainable Heritage in Bali

Bali, the picturesque Indonesian island known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, is also home to a remarkable irrigation system called Subak. This ancient water management system has been practiced for centuries and has played a crucial role in sustaining Bali’s lush rice terraces, supporting its agrarian economy, and preserving its cultural heritage. In […]

Butterfly Villa

butterfly villa

Introducing Butterfly Villa, our new project inspired by the transformation of the butterfly. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, this project is designed to offer its inhabitants a safe and welcoming environment in which to grow and evolve. We took inspiration from the chrysalis to shape the curved canopy that serves as a protective shelter […]

Sphere Hideout

Nestled in the tranquil and serene Hideout bamboo house complex in Karangasem, Bali, Hideout Sphere is inspired by the seven spheres of the spiritual realms. In particular, the second sphere, where, in a setting as natural as the Earth, harmony, love and kindness help develop and elevate the higher qualities of the human soul. The […]

Yoga Shala Lombok

The Yoga Shala is a 2-floor structure designed to host a spa and a yoga space on the top. The building is minimal, with clean lines and a unifying language that ties it to the adjacent landscape. The first floor houses the spa, with wood walls to give privacy to the space. The yoga studio […]

Cliff House

The design of the Cliff House was inspired by the curves of the mountains and the petals of the frangipani flower. The modular concept and natural design allow the villa to truly integrate into nature. The villa has been designed to take advantage of natural elements, such as sunshine and rainfall, to provide a comfortable […]

Welcoming Space

The Welcoming is a unique structure that rises above the ground, providing stunning views of the surrounding land and nature. The space was designed to be built primarily with reclaimed wood, bamboo, and glass, and it features a large terrace for enjoying the jungle views. The wide, open design of the space makes it feel […]

16. Carbon Positive, the new goal in Sustainability

carbon positive

It is no longer just a matter of reducing CO₂ emissions: now the goal is to create an environmental benefit that allows more CO₂ to be removed from the atmosphere than is generated, in other words, Carbon Positive. Carbon-positive status is achieved by generating more energy than is consumed by creating an energy surplus from […]

Tiny Houses: 5 Reasons Why We Love Them

The Tiny House The increase in housing prices and the growing concentration of the population in cities also impacts the constructive structures of the home. From architecture, we observe the need to take advantage of every space, an increasingly scarce commodity in big cities. This has made compact houses, also known as Tiny Houses, more […]

14. Gaudí: The genius in transferring nature to architecture

gaudi pedrera

This week marks the 170th anniversary of the birth of Antoni Gaudí, Spanish architect and maximum representative of Catalan modernism, and we celebrate it by remembering his works and his history. Gaudi was born on June 25, 1852, in Reus, Catalonia, and spent his childhood there, where he could observe closely what would be his […]