Tiny Houses: 5 Reasons Why We Love Them

The Tiny House The increase in housing prices and the growing concentration of the population in cities also impacts the constructive structures of the home. From architecture, we observe the need to take advantage of every space, an increasingly scarce commodity in big cities. This has made compact houses, also known as Tiny Houses, more […]

14. Gaudí: The genius in transferring nature to architecture

gaudi pedrera

This week marks the 170th anniversary of the birth of Antoni Gaudí, Spanish architect and maximum representative of Catalan modernism, and we celebrate it by remembering his works and his history. Gaudi was born on June 25, 1852, in Reus, Catalonia, and spent his childhood there, where he could observe closely what would be his […]

Yoga Shala

Rising above the ground and achieving a 360 view of the land and nature. In the north of the island of Bali, this space was designed to be built primarily with reclaimed wood, bamboo, and glass. The space is wide and free, and it is enveloped in an ecosystem and culture that radiates spirituality. For […]

Sea Shell Lobby

The Lobby is part of a retreat center that was inspired by the ocean and its waves, which shape through their movements, a direct connection with the sea and its marine life. Inspired by the movement of the sea and the shells that surround it, we intended to merge the cliff and the sea, nature […]

Sea Shell Spa


The inspiration to shape this structure was the shell of marine life. Its curved and hard skeleton provides protection and support to marine individuals from external aggressions and as an anchor point for their muscles and organs. Our goal is to give people a space in which they feel protected but at the same time […]

8. The Beauty of Organic Architecture

pablo luna organic architecture in bali

Organic Architecture Philosophy, by our own vision. Pablo Luna Studio. Organic architecture is defined to be understanding space, nature, and human beings as a whole, projecting the environment and representing the user without deforming the habitat, adapted to the native climatic conditions for its bioclimatic adaptation. Organic architecture approaches architectural art from a more sentimental […]

7. Tree Houses. The true story of these incredible constructions.

Tree House Bamboo

Tree Houses. When I was little, my dream was to have my own Tree House … Being surrounded by nature and feel like you are a part of it, growing and living in my own little place to refuge and dream, you and the tree, the leaves, the natural breeze, the sky and the sound […]

6. Tribute to Ricardo Bofill. Who inspired us until the end.

Ricardo Bofill was a Spanish architect who has inspired us and will always inspire us to innovate in architecture through his avant-garde vision, ideals about society, environmental concepts, and lifestyle. As a way of remembering him after his death on January 14, 2022, we would like to compile some of his most admirable works and […]

Manta Yoga Shala

yoga shala nusa penida. organic architecture with bamboo in bali

The manta ray inspired this Yoga Shala; this beautiful ocean species have horizontally flattened bodies and move through the water by wing-like movements. In this Yoga Shala, we aimed to merge people into the ocean life as if they were swimming with the mantas in the ocean, surrounded by the structure, the sea, and its […]

Shell Restaurant


Restaurant in a hotel in Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida. The ocean’s movement and species inspired it. The one that inspired us to shape this Restaurant in Nusa Penida was the giant clamshell. Its curvilinear exoskeleton with a hard, rigid, and outer covering serves individuals as a defensive element to protect themselves from external aggressions from predators […]