Yoga Shala Lombok

The Yoga Shala is a 2-floor structure designed to host a spa and a yoga space on the top. The building is minimal, with clean lines and a unifying language that ties it to the adjacent landscape. The first floor houses the spa, with wood walls to give privacy to the space. The yoga studio […]

Cliff House

The design of the Cliff House was inspired by the curves of the mountains and the petals of the frangipani flower. The modular concept and natural design allow the villa to truly integrate into nature. The villa has been designed to take advantage of natural elements, such as sunshine and rainfall, to provide a comfortable […]

Welcoming Space

The Welcoming is a unique structure that rises above the ground, providing stunning views of the surrounding land and nature. The space was designed to be built primarily with reclaimed wood, bamboo, and glass, and it features a large terrace for enjoying the jungle views. The wide, open design of the space makes it feel […]

Yoga Shala

Rising above the ground and achieving a 360 view of the land and nature. In the north of the island of Bali, this space was designed to be built primarily with reclaimed wood, bamboo, and glass. The space is wide and free, and it is enveloped in an ecosystem and culture that radiates spirituality. For […]

Sea Shell Lobby

The Lobby is part of a retreat center that was inspired by the ocean and its waves, which shape through their movements, a direct connection with the sea and its marine life. Inspired by the movement of the sea and the shells that surround it, we intended to merge the cliff and the sea, nature […]

Sea Shell Spa


The inspiration to shape this structure was the shell of marine life. Its curved and hard skeleton provides protection and support to marine individuals from external aggressions and as an anchor point for their muscles and organs. Our goal is to give people a space in which they feel protected but at the same time […]

Manta Yoga Shala

yoga shala nusa penida. organic architecture with bamboo in bali

The manta ray inspired this Yoga Shala; this beautiful ocean species have horizontally flattened bodies and move through the water by wing-like movements. In this Yoga Shala, we aimed to merge people into the ocean life as if they were swimming with the mantas in the ocean, surrounded by the structure, the sea, and its […]

Shell Restaurant


Restaurant in a hotel in Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida. The ocean’s movement and species inspired it. The one that inspired us to shape this Restaurant in Nusa Penida was the giant clamshell. Its curvilinear exoskeleton with a hard, rigid, and outer covering serves individuals as a defensive element to protect themselves from external aggressions from predators […]

Sea Slug Convention Room

Convention Room in Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida. For this construction, we were inspired by a unique sea species, the Sea Slug, a shell-less mollusk with a non-segmented body and bilateral symmetry. Its scientific name means “with naked gills.” They have very varied and striking colors and curved shapes. With this mollusk, we want to achieve […]

Tea House

Surrounded by rice paddies on either side and lush jungle towards the anterior, Tea House stands twelve meters above the ground using fifteen-centimeter diameter bamboo pillars. The interior design bows with respect to the beauty and sacredness of bamboo, with an oval-shaped floor constructed from bamboo splits that smoothly transition into a glass railing. When […]