Mini Cobra Villa

mini cobra villa

Mini Cobra Villa, nestled in Belalu Boutique Resort, draws its architectural inspiration from the cobra. The cobra’s iconic hood, which can expand when it feels threatened, has been reimagined as the roof of the house, providing an element of protection for residents. 

Triangle Villa

triangle villa

Triangle Villa, nestled in Belalu Boutique Resort, draws its architectural inspiration from the simple elegance of the triangle. The striking semi-curved bamboo roof reaches a soaring height of 8.8 metres creating a distinctive vertical profile. Supported by robust black bamboo pillars, the space hosts a spacious master bedroom surrounded by perimeter windows that facilitate views […]

Dome Villa

dome villa

Dome Villa, part of Belalu Boutique Resort, consists of three curved spaces that intermingle with one another. At the heart of the villa, the master bedroom features limestone walls and unique furniture pieces as it extends towards a semi-open bathroom facing the garden. On the opposite side of the bedroom an indoor natural  jacuzzi blends […]

Four Leaf Villa

This villa is inspired by the movement of bamboo leaves and the beauty of the local environment. The minimal use of bamboo pillars and the position at which they are located create a spacious interior ideal for the desired movement. The different heights of the overlapping roofs allow the building to breathe and maintain its […]

Hideout Flow

Hideout Flow

We aim to create a space that seamlessly marries gentle, flowing elements with a dynamic, lively ambiance. We craft an environment where curves and fluid lines harmoniously coexist with the vibrant natural surroundings.

Portobello Mushroom Villa

portobello mushroom villa

Perched atop a hill, Portobello Mushroom Villa offers its inhabitants a breathtaking 180-degree view of the landscape. Drawing inspiration from the proportions and seamless integration of the portobello mushroom, the architecture of this structure provides both shelter and comfort. The rhythmic arrangement of rings, echoing throughout the design, beautifully frames the panoramic view, offering a […]

Butterfly Villa

butterfly villa

Introducing Butterfly Villa, our new project inspired by the transformation of the butterfly. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, this project is designed to offer its inhabitants a safe and welcoming environment in which to grow and evolve. We took inspiration from the chrysalis to shape the curved canopy that serves as a protective shelter […]

Sphere Hideout

Nestled in the tranquil and serene Hideout bamboo house complex in Karangasem, Bali, Hideout Sphere is inspired by the seven spheres of the spiritual realms. In particular, the second sphere, where, in a setting as natural as the Earth, harmony, love and kindness help develop and elevate the higher qualities of the human soul. The […]

Yoga Shala Lombok

The Yoga Shala is a 2-floor structure designed to host a spa and a yoga space on the top. The building is minimal, with clean lines and a unifying language that ties it to the adjacent landscape. The first floor houses the spa, with wood walls to give privacy to the space. The yoga studio […]

Cliff House

The design of the Cliff House was inspired by the curves of the mountains and the petals of the frangipani flower. The modular concept and natural design allow the villa to truly integrate into nature. The villa has been designed to take advantage of natural elements, such as sunshine and rainfall, to provide a comfortable […]