Leaf Villa

The Leaf Villa aims to bring stability, and peace to the dynamics of life today, in which it’s fast speed destabilizes one’s self.  Balance lies within nature, and is where the inspiration to create spaces of contemplation to nurture our souls is found.  Leaf Villa embraces the opportunity to live in motion, reflecting nature’s movement. […]

Cobra Studio

Architecture is the process of thinking through the senses. The more sensible the structure, the more it enables one’s mind and spirit to align to the point of disappearance. Cobra Studio is a place to enjoy in the presence of silence, a place meant for the study of plants concerning everything human, with a clean […]

Farm House

Farm house is situated amidst an organic farm. The space is delicately decorated with a mix of country antiques and Asian artifacts, curating an eclectic style. The outdoor bathroom has an oversized wooden shower enveloped by a wavy bamboo wall and is sheltered by a mushroom-shaped copper roof. Often farmers are seen passing by tending […]

777 Villa

777 Villa is made of reused wood and glass. Shutters, sliding glass doors, and curtains make this structure versatile in its atmosphere. All sides of the structure were built with conscious relation, enabling multi-directional airflow through space and creating an environment with a sense of wonder and tranquility.  The house can transform from performing as […]

777 Studio

777 Studio is primarily constructed of reused wood and glass. Shutters, sliding glass doors, and curtains influence the structure’s interior climate. Multi-directional airflow is accessed throughout the entirety of the space with the movement of these structural elements. A complex relationship controlled by the inhabitant of the space is formed between the interior environment and […]

Shell Bale

Pablo Luna’s first bamboo design explores the relationship between human, and nature. Meant for small gatherings and yoga practice, the curvilinear bamboo poles directed towards the adjacent river, guides the inhabitant’s vision, allowing oneself to reconnect inwards, and outwards through admiration of the beauty found in encompassing gardens.

Minang Bridge

Linking spaces of thought and emotion. Minang bridge harnesses techniques from traditional roof structures seen in West Sumatra known as “minang”. This is implemented in the combination of four arching points, and a curved floor, constructed with copper shingles, and a skeleton of bamboo.

Bamboo Spiral Staircase

The driving inspiration of the staircase design was to allow the experiencer time and space to admire the surrounding landscape. As the stairs wind up, they are interrupted by viewing decks. Mandatory pauses stop the user from rushing to the top and prompt them to cherish the journey.

Tri Hita Karana Villa

Tri Hita Karana is found in the feminine, curvilinear structure that eliminates hierarchy and celebrates unity within this work. Organic forms in the roof opening and expanding create the appearance of flexibility and retain movement in the still structure. In the Tri Hita Karana Villa design, an experience is offered where one can align their […]

Honguito House

Honguito House has explored the champignon’s structure as a microcosm. Once enlarged into a space inhabitable by humans, the structure still conforms to its natural golden ratio regulations. The final design uses this exploration to promote harmony between people and nature.  This house opens the user’s gaze inviting abundance and prosperity. Spaces where nature, whether […]