4. New Yoga Shala, Sneak peek into the construction

We are excited to announce that our new Yoga Shala and Spa in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia is now under construction!

This structure is going to be part of a unique and hospitable single-family environment that includes bungalows, community events, micro-farms, rice fields and, other facilities such as a swimming pool and firepit.

This structure will be a two-story building of 260 sqm in total. The first floor, 190 sqm, is enclosed with polished cement walls and arched windows, and has 3 main spaces: first, the multifunctional central area that will be used mainly for massage, dance and art sessions. Second, a pottery space where the mother requested to work and teach about this technique. And the third, is a polished cement bathroom with bamboo details.

Finally, and connected by an imposing spiral staircase, the 70-square-meter Yoga Shala will be the main open-air structure on the second floor, with a wavy roof of bamboo arches and pillars, the interior is left feeling open and free optimizing the potential view of the landscape.

Yoga Shala Under Construction
Yoga Shala, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Yoga Shala
bamboo construction yoga shala pablo luna studio nature

For the shape of the plan, we created 3 circles representing our physical, mental and spiritual practices, connecting and creating unity between them to find balance and harmony.

For the shape of the building, we were inspired by the movements of the local flora and the sacred practice of yoga, representing this through expressive arches that frame the 360-degree views of the building, motivating us to look at our surroundings from a new lens of love and compassion.

We will keep you posted with the construction process, stay tuned!

bamboo construction yoga shala pablo luna studio nature
bamboo construction yoga shala pablo luna studio nature
bamboo construction yoga shala pablo luna studio nature

We have created an architecture questionnaire to learn more about your: Vision, Goals, Budget & Timeframe for this project. If you are ready to start collaborating with us, click on the button below to begin the journey!

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