10. How to live in harmony. 15 tips to live in a state of creativity and harmony.

How To Live in Harmony by Pablo Luna Studio.

The philosophy of my way of living is based on the premise that what makes us humans unique is our conscience, the ability to know ourselves, to be able to recognize our existence, our actions, our state of mind, and to be responsible for our actions.

We cannot control things, such as the sun rising every morning, but there are other things we can, such as the movies we choose to watch, our friendships, or what we choose to spend our time on. This is why there are different levels of consciousness, and with mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual work, we can reach very high levels of consciousness that bring great joy and peace.

An awakening is when you realize that one of your actions or thoughts is not helping you to be at a higher level of vibration, and you decide to make a change. But this happens in all kinds of things because human beings are mighty, and we can control our thoughts, our breath, our emotions, connect with nature, and experiment, among many other things. I am not saying that it is an obligation to do all this, but the idea is that in this path of self-knowledge see which ones resonate with you and help you reach a higher state of vibration.

There are small awakenings that have brought me a lot of peace in my case. Here are some examples:

Write down five things you are grateful for each day.

Meditate 20 minutes or more daily.

Do exercises that connect with your body (breathing exercises are highly recommended).

Choose your friends and the places you go.

Follow your heart and express your truth even if it hurts the people next to you.

Go on silent retreats or meditation.

Make time for activities that activate creativity, such as drawing, playing an instrument, painting, etc.

Treat everyone around you with love.

Live close to nature.

Do not judge other people.

Eating healthy food is 95% plant-based because, for me, the life of other living beings is as precious as my own.

Be vulnerable with your friends and generate rich conversations in life, learning and joy.

Accept that you are not perfect, but you are trying to be great.

Write down the values that guide your life and eradicate the values that are based on fear.

Rejoice in what you do and celebrate every time you close a deal, make a new friend or something like that.

Today we live in a world where we are confused about what it means to be happy. The world invites us to believe that happiness is on the outside and not on the inside, that I will be happy if… I have “x” amount of money in the bank, if I have the perfect partner if I get to go on these vacations, if I get to be recognized as the best architect, etc. And the deception is very sad because it invites us to put the responsibility on the outside and not on ourselves, in other words, we unconsciously lose the responsibility for our own living.

how to live in harmony
How To Live In Harmony by Pablo Luna

Our work on earth, I believe, is to find ourselves, to experience this body and this world which is a GIFT! The air, the waves, the streets, the power to communicate, to create, to sleep, absolutely everything! For this, we must take the time to reflect, to think, to exist. Those are the most magical moments where ideas come, and emotions come out of the skin and that brings us to live in harmony.

how to live in harmony
How To Live In Harmony by Pablo Luna.

wood house light bedroom
Tea House. Live in Harmony

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