Meet our architecture team!

Pablo Luna Studio is a team of over 20 problem solvers dedicated to making the physical world around us better for everyone. Based out of our combined workshop and design studio in Bali, Indonesia, we create buildings, spaces, master-plans, objects and infrastructure. Focusing on large scale architecture projects in cities all over the world, we prioritize those with the greatest positive social impact.

Working as practical inventors with a natural – organic style, our motivation is to design soulful and interesting places which embrace and celebrate the complexities of the real world. The approach driving everything is to lead from human experience rather than any fixed design dogma.

Team-Architecture-Pablo-Lunauna Chile Indonesia Argentina Venezuela People Group Nature Palm Trees
Architecture - Model - Bamboo - Bali

The studio’s founder Pablo Luna comes from a background immersed in materials and making. His curiosity and passion for problem-solving matured into the studio’s current design process where every architect, designer, landscape architect and maker is encouraged to challenge and contribute ideas.

Positive and pragmatic, the studio’s team are collaborators whose role is to listen, question, then lead the conception and construction of special and unusual places. Ingenuity and inspiration are used to make projects that are affordable, buildable and sustainable.

And our client is vital, who comes on the journey and challenges our thinking; together we look for the opportunities that might traditionally be overlooked. Our best future projects are the ones that will teach us the most.

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