The villa sits on the top of a hill overlooking almost 180 degrees the landscape around. It uses the proportions of the mushroom to create a line in the landscape while providing shelter and comfort . The rhythm of the rings frames the views, and gives a human scale to space, helping us connect with ourselves and the surroundings.


Tree House’s ceiling is made from 3 centimeter wide x 2.5 centimeter thick x 4 meter long bamboo splits, creating a gridshell that derives its strength from its double curvature. The overall shape shows the integration of architecture and the environment and the relationship between space and nature. The interior floor is also made from bamboo splits that smoothly transitions into a wooden terrace. This moment in the building highlights the wall-less space that keeps indoors and outdoors as one unity.


The interior design bows to the beauty and sacredness of bamboo with a circular nest-like custom-made bed by the studio. Other features like the toilet cave and shower bring their inspiration from the adjacent jungle. Every corner is meant to be an experience. A unique and organic space for those who seek to meditate and relax on the shear and wonder of Bali’s cultural context and scenery.

Project Name:

Portobello Villa



Ubud, Bali, Indonesia




Concept Design


130 m2



Design Team:

Nyoman Kerta, 

Raditya Manggala,

Pablo Luna