Pablo Luna Studio focuses on the design, development and construction of architecture with natural materials, primarily focusing on reclaimed wood and bamboo.




We believe in creating homes, lifestyle & infrastructures that embody a comprehensive synthesis of historical human wisdom & modern technological innovation, by embracing the sustainable natural resources available to us.




We collaborate with teams of skilled bamboo & timber craftsmen to design and construct an architecture of precision, tactility & traditional knowledge. Alongside traditional construction techniques, Pablo Luna Studio incorporates other natural & sustainable materials, like rammed earth & cob.





Pablo Luna is a Chilean born architect, artist and designer with a Peruvian – Lebanese heritage background. Luna studied architecture at Columbia University in New York City, during which he became aware of the world renowned organic architecture movement that gained momentum in Bali, Indonesia.




Once on the island, Luna’s understanding of what it meant to design and work with natural materials came to fruition. Gaining confidence in his ability to establish his own interpretation of green architecture materialized through several years of working on bamboo and wood structures of various scales and functions.





Through this studio framework, Pablo aspires to carry on the sustainable building and living cultural legacy of his predecessors into the challenging environmental future.





Pablo Luna Studio encourages craftsmanship of all forms, across all scales in which we operate. We believe in embracing traditional crafting techniques, to enhance the architecture process and challenge the boundaries of the computer systems that support our design process.




We aim to design homes that take us back to natural living. When, where & how humans began to construct solid dwellings remains a subject of ongoing debate; however, why we did this is perhaps less of a mystery – to protect ourselves from unmediated exposure to the natural elements & from changing seasonal conditions. As time went by, protection from the elements evolved into over- protection, eventually depriving us of the opportunity to live immersively within the natural environment which has sustained our species since the beginning of the ‘ages of man/woman’. 




Working together in harmony and alignment to co-create a culture based on truth, integrity, transparency & meaningful relationships. We are committed to the search & research of supreme craftsmanship & contextual ‘know-how’, utilizing traditional construction methods & artisanal production informed by vernacular cultures & their observant utilization of their natural environment. 




Our work has been published in the best magazines around the world, and “Tree house” was recently nominated by Archdaily for “Best Building of the Year” competition. 




South-American magazines, like MasDeco and Velvet, have interviewed Pablo in deeper length to understand the philosophy and meaning behind his creations.




Today our studio is designing and building projects in Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, and Indonesia. We love new topographies and learning from new cultures. Through sustainable research we co-create with our clients and local communities to design from a space of respect and understanding.