Tiny Houses: 5 Reasons Why We Love Them

The Tiny House

The increase in housing prices and the growing concentration of the population in cities also impacts the constructive structures of the home. From architecture, we observe the need to take advantage of every space, an increasingly scarce commodity in big cities. This has made compact houses, also known as Tiny Houses, more popular. Designed as a simpler and more economical way of living, they offer a more flexible and efficient way of living without having to decrease in comfort or quality of space.

The challenge of the Tiny Cabin is to consider the best use of space and design an optimal distribution that can meet the needs of its inhabitants. The proposal invites to build based on dual-purpose interior space configurations, multi-functional furniture, incorporating technological advances for space-saving, vertical space optimization, implementation of certain materials, the definition of morphology, and strategies in the geographical and natural conditions of the terrain.

tiny hose
tiny cabin

These are 5 reasons why we believe that Tiny Houses are a very good choice when building a home:

  1. Lower cost: The bigger a house is, the more expensive it is in terms of construction, taxes, heating, maintenance, and repair. For this reason, a large number of people have joined this ideology, since, in addition to spending much less, they can reduce their ecological footprint.


  1. Environment: According to UN data, the residential sector uses 40% of the planet’s total resources and is responsible for more than a third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Becoming a very good option to build instead a Tiny Cabin in terms of ecology, since less space reduces the number amount of materials, labor, waste, etc., in addition to incorporating the concepts of self-sufficiency and recycling of materials.


  1. Flexibility: The Tiny Cabin suggests an adaptation to a new type of citizen-nomads, who no longer want to be anchored for life to a single place, but are willing to move in search of new opportunities or a better environment for their children to grow up.


  1. Response to homelessness: nowadays they are being used by charitable organizations in order to address the lack of housing in cities and the urgency to build better quality social housing.


  1. Promotes community life: Tiny House promotes a large percentage reduction of the built space in which we live with greater flexibility in the way of living, but always concentrated in smaller spaces and consequently, in a simpler and more open life towards public space. This could generate positive consequences at the urban level, forcing people to occupy public spaces to a greater extent, generating ties with their neighbors, and enhancing community life, knowledge sharing, and mutual collaboration.


Our Tiny Cabin proposal

As a studio, we designed our Tiny Cabin proposal that will be part of a collaborative community of sustainable tourist accommodation. It is 24.5 square meters in size including a bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, and storage spaces.

This is the Leaf Tiny Cabin, designed by our studio and intended for 2-3 people, incorporating all the necessary interior programming in a 24.5 m2 dwelling with elegance and luxury by bringing together the basic places of living, which are: a place to sleep, wash, eat, rest and socialize. The minimal use of walls allows connecting with the landscape and the environment. The curvilinear lines give way to a calm, light, and peaceful environment. With a master bedroom with a double bed and a 180-degree view of its surroundings. A living area that includes a kitchen with full equipment and everything you need to enjoy a moment in your own space surrounded by nature.

tiny house

We have created an architecture questionnaire to learn more about your: Vision, Goals, Budget & Timeframe for this project. If you are ready to start collaborating with us, click on the button below to begin the journey!

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