treehouse bali indonesia

Tree House Ubud, Bali

Project Name: Tree House
Typology: Hospitality
Size: 70m2
Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Year: 2019

A Blend of Nature and Architecture

Tree House is located in the Town of Ubud, at the heart of the island of Bali. With jungle running parallel to its sides, and rice terraces located at its front, the suite at the boutique hotel Stonehouse stands five meters above the ground because of fourteen-centimeter diameter and eight-meter-long bamboo pillars. 

Tree House’s ceiling comprises three centimeters wide by two-and-a-half thick, four-meter long bamboo splits, generating a grid shell that derives its strength from its double curvature. The interior floor,  assembled with bamboo, splits maintains one level, smoothly transitioning into a wooden terrace. Experiencing this transition continues to highlight the unity of interior and exterior found at Tree House. The overall shape deliberately integrates architecture with its environment, intensely provoking the structure’s relationship to nature. 

Tree House is an organic space for those who seek to meditate on Bali’s sheer wonders, cultural context, and scenery. The interior design honors the possibilities bamboo grants with a circular, nest-like custom-made bed by Pablo Luna Studio. Every corner was meticulously planned to offer a unique experience.

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