Our designs reside in Tri Hita Karana promoting harmony between people and nature, life and spirituality. Our projects aim to open the user’s gaze inviting abundance and prosperity. Spaces where nature, whether in the form of light, wind, trees, or others, shelters and empowers us to see all the things that unite us, and dilute those that separate us.

Within our works, Tri Hita Karana is found in the feminine, curvilinear structure that eliminates hierarchy, and celebrates unity, dissolving the idea of “I”. Organic forms possess the quality of naturally opening, and expanding, appearing flexible, and retaining movement once still. Organic architecture has power to influence it’s users’ involvement with the space, others within it, and the experience of the nature surrounding. 

In our works we believe architecture creates an environment in which the user is offered a space designed to align their mind, body, and soul, to a point of disappearance.